Participants of XXIIIrd FIABCI Hungarian Prix d’Excellence

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Aréna Business Campus A Épület

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Aréna Business Campus is an environmentally conscious, ergonomic mega-project that offers exclusive “A +” category offices on 72,000 square meters. The concept consists of four buildings, between which a huge inner garden and a pedestrian space create a unique and soothing environment. The office complex is attuned to the needs and desires of today’s residents, users and future generations.

The entry is for the first building of Aréna Business Campus, Building A, handed over in 2020 with 21.000 m2 office space.

Aréna Business Campus is located in District VIII, in the most dynamically developing part of Budapest. Its location is excellent, less than a 3-minute walk from the Stadionok metro station (M2) and there are also many different connection points in the immediate vicinity. The highest-rated technical features and the myriad of in-house services that the buildings and green garden will provide will all contribute to creating a whole new environment that is a more sustainable, open and enjoyable workplace.

BudaPart városnegyed

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With the BudaPart project, we are creating a new completely neighbourhood in an area of about 54 hectares. The project started in 2017, undertaken by Property Market, is unique due to both its location and the high proportion of green and water surface. Of the total development area (23 hectares), 17 hectares is a buildable land, so together with the future public parks, almost half of BudaPart, 26 hectares will remain to be a green space, including the Kopaszi-Dam, and the project area implies the water area of 11 hectares. During the development of almost 10 years with a maximum of 6 phases, we plan to develop a total of 15 residential and 13 office buildings, as well as a hotel, thus it is expected that nearly 3,000 apartments, 250,000 m2 office space, 15,000 m2 commercial space will be created, providing housing and employment opportunities for about 25-30,000 citizens. The construction concept of the BudaPart has been developed by the Property Market in cooperation with the Danish ADEPT architectural firm.

Kaposvár Intermodal Transport Centre

Váci Greens E és F Épület

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Váci Greens is a large-scale, campus-style development in Budapest, in the Váci Road office corridor of District XIII, with 130,000 m2 of exclusive “A +” category office space, in an extensive green environment. The concept consists of a total of six buildings and was implemented in two phases (Phase I - Buildings A, B C and D, Phase II - Buildings E and F).

The entry is for Phase II of Váci Greens, i.e. E and F office buildings, handed over in 2020 with 50,000 m2 office space.

Váci Greens is located in the heart of Budapest’s number one business district, only 400 meters from M3 Gyöngyösi Street metro station and Duna Plaza Shopping Center. The complex provides an ideal office solution for local and international companies that seek the highest quality and strive to provide their employees with a comfortable, sustainable and friendly work environment.

The design and construction of Váci Greens combines the best architectural design with the most modern and the highest possible degree of environmentally conscious construction technologies.

Lelle Resort, Balatonlelle

Platán Lakópark, Balatonlelle

Tetris ház, Budapest

Emerald Residence , Budapest

Németvölgyi Residence, Budapest

Igazgyöngy Bölcsőde rekonstrukció, Budapest

Csalogány 43, Budapest

Benczúr11 lakó és irodaház projekt, Budapest

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Benczúr11 residential and office building project
The building in the diplomatic district is a uniquely stunning mixture of patinated and modern. In 3 separate building units connected on the ground floor, 39 flats and 1,850 m2 of office space were mixed with a 2-level underground garage, with a total of 56 parking spaces. The building units enclose a beautifully landscaped ornamental garden. The special feature of the building is that the old patinated entrance and staircase serve the office, while the new modern entrance serves the apartments. The classic facade in Benczúr Street is the headquarter of the investor Pannónia Pension Fund, while on the upper floors we have built duplex apartments with a private elevator from the garage level, with stunning views of Pest, and Buda hills, and the Basilica Tower. In the other two courtyards, with arched facades, in the modern wing of the building, bright, modern homes with huge glass surfaces were uniquely designed. Office occupancy and home sales were 100% at the end of the investment.

Mesevonat Bölcsőde, Budapest

Flatco Apartmanház, Budapest

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Flatco Apartmanház is one of the most exciting newly built modern rental apartment complexes in Hungary and in Budapest’s 9th district. The special building was designed by the duo of Ybl-awarded architects Zsolt Hajnal and Péter Kendelényi, in the investment and construction of the FIABCI World Prix D ’Excellence gold medal awardee Metrodom Group, and is operated by the Flatco Group.
From the mid-1800s until the turn of the millennium, the area was home mainly to industrial activities, while in recent decades the area began to revive as a cultural, office and residential area. However, its industrial past lives on in its spirit and in some scattered architectural elements, so these architectural fundamentals characterize the environment: the extremely clean, rational, rectangular floor plan, the orderly, strict layout of the façade openings and, of course, the small brick as the building material. The design principles of the condominium on Bárd Street were derived from this architectural heritage, thus the spirit of the building fits well into the unique, industrial atmosphere of Central-Ferencváros, with a renewed environment.
The aim of the concept is to develop the run-down rust-belt area by creating as many green surfaces as possible, creating a modern high-quality urban living environment, including high-quality apartments.

Ybl Budai Kreatív Ház, Budapest

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The Ybl Buda Creative House reopened in May 2018. The aim of the renovation was to make the building - originally designed by Miklós Ybl in the 1870s and part of the World Heritage - fully open to visitors, to join the cultural life of the capital, to provide space for contemporary exhibitions and programs, and to revive the terrace and the garden for catering. The main aspect was the overall reconstruction of the building and the establishment of a representative cultural and social center to enrich the Castle Garden and the Danube bank of Buda, with the renovation, the addition of the internal spatial organization and the restoration of the heritage protection values. The basement level has been extended to the garden with public spaces and a new entrance opening from the sunken courtyard, the glass bridge connecting the restaurant in the building to the renovated terrace of the garden. The connection of the exterior and interior spaces with the restoration of the sgrafito vaulted Neo-Renaissance loggia, with its unique glazing, has become one of the pearls of the Danube bank.

Zákonyi Park – szolgáltató épületek, Balatonfüred

Allure Residence, Budapest

Kecskemét CAMPUS Oktatási Épület, Kecskemét

Szent Mihály templom és Sekrestyésház, Sopron

Hotel Sopron - Sky Wellness, Sopron

Budafoki kocsiszín, Budapest